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Client Testimonial

Mr. Matsuda from Matsuda Tokyo Immigration Legal Advisor's Office responded very quick to my inquiry about the application for a Japanese visa. After a few emails we met at Starbucks Meguro which was very comfortable. He showed me the ways to achieve permission to stay in Japan and we figured out that we should apply for an artist visa.

Mr. Matsuda made me prepared about the documents which I had to collect for a successful application. It took me about one month to gather all the documents. Those were for example reference letters and a self-written motivation. Also diplomas, forecast and press articles were included. All those documents had to be translated by Mr. Matsuda, which made a great job. He was always very kind and had every time the right information on his hand.

He applied at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau on my behalf and told me about the time line. It was great that in the end we got a good result. I got permission to receive the artist visa. Mr. Matsuda managed everything and in the end he presented me my residence card again at Starbucks Meguro.

Mr. Matsuda really focused on the application and he made it perfect without any mistake. He took his job very serious and in the end he succeeded. I would suggest anyone who would like to apply for a visa in Japan to write an inquiry to Mr. Matsuda. He might know the right solution for you.

Colin Schaelli
Artist, Designer, Art Director